The school year is starting and memories are being made to last a lifetime! A yearbook can help you remember all those times even better. Last year’s inaugural yearbook was a huge hit with 75% of the school purchasing a book! Kids were seen pouring over the books searching for their happy, smiling faces and practicing their signatures. We need your help to make sure your child’s face is represented so please send in photos during the year from the first day of school, field trips, school events or just goofing off on the playground- they all make for a great yearbook! Don’t wait until the end of the year. Upload photos from your phone while you are on a field trip or outside the school waiting for the kids at pick up. The website will be added as soon as we get the Trafalgar link.

Grade 7 student volunteers needed! We are in need of some grade 7 students from both the English and French streams to help with the grade 7 portion of the book- taking photos on field trips, collecting baby photos, doing surveys and getting write ups. If you would like to volunteer please contact Thanks for helping to make this year’s yearbook the best one yet!