On Friday December 14, the Grade 7s will be hosting a supervised After School Movie Party!   All kids are invited to enjoy a screening of The Polar Express.  This fun event will be held from 3:00 until 5:30 in the gym. Proceeds will help fund the Grade 7 Quebec Exchange.• Grade 7 students will pick up K – Grade 3 students from their classrooms and escort them to the gym; Grade 4 and up can head straight to the gym after the bell.   • Admission is $10 for one child and $5 for each subsequent child within a family, and includes a healthy snack (fruit, popcorn, and water) and supervision by the grade 7s.   • Tickets will be sold from 8:30-8:50 and 3:00-3:20 every day the week of December 10th in the front hallway, and will also be available at the door.  • Students must provide a signed permission form (below) in order to buy a ticket.• Tickets purchased in advance will be delivered to classrooms on December 14th.

Please fill out and sign the permission form below and have your child present it when they purchase their tickets.


I give permission for my child _________________________________________________(name) in 

Division ________ to attend the Holiday Movie Night on Friday December 14th from 

3:00 – 5:30 in the Trafalgar school gym.

I confirm that I will pick up or arrange appropriate pick up for my child by 5:30 p.m.

Please indicate who will be picking up your child: 


Please provide a number to call regarding pick-up should there be any confusion:


Parent Name:​​​​​​​Date: _________________________


Parent Signature: