Dear Parents and Guardians,
Our Tree of Dreams in the front hall of the school is slowly growing some leaves. A big thank you to those families who have already contributed their dreams and donations – your support is much appreciated.
The Tree is, however, still looking a little bare, and our deadline for donations is only one week away: Thursday, November 8th! So far, we’ve raised approximately $6200 – about 25% of our $25,000 target. We need your donation to get us closer to our goal!
Your donations contribute in many ways to your children’s school experience. In past years, PAC funds have been used to purchase books for the library; sporting equipment; technology tools (including SmartBoards, computers, etc.); and school garden equipment. They’ve also been used to support arts and culture performances; school vegetable gardens; discretionary funds for teachers (to cover extra teaching materials and supplies); and school community events.
The PAC is in the process of defining our budget for the 2012/13 year. Some key funding areas we’re considering include:

• Technology (such as tablets for the teaching environment);
• Greening (such as an outdoor classroom structure and ongoing gardening initiatives);
• Arts and culture (could we, for example, support an artist or cook or writer-in-residence program?);
• Social events (family-oriented parties like Hallowe’en; Carnaval / Spirit Week; etc.); and
• Many more initiatives that add value to our children’s education.

How much we raise through the direct donation campaign will directly impact the type and number of programs we can support. Your input through the Tree of Dreams is an important part of establishing our spending priorities.
Over the remaining five weekdays of the campaign, we’ll be sending you a series of communications describing some of these funding areas in more detail. As you receive them, we ask you to consider the role that these areas play in your child’s school experience, and how your donation and input can make a real difference.
To make a donation, simply download a donation form and place it with a cheque payable to Trafalgar PAC in the box outside the office. You can also donate online by clicking on the “donate” button on the above right of your screen. Your contributions are much appreciated!
Cheryl Gravkin
Trafalgar PAC Chair