Dear Trafalgar Community,
I would just like to send a shout out to all of the wonderful parents and staff at Trafalgar for the wonderful work and time that they have put in throughout the years at Trafalgar.
I was always amazed at the many contributions parents and staff made when my daughter started kindergarten in 2004. Many parents and staff put in numerous hours running different programs such as the parent advisory committee (PAC), hot lunch, Scholastic book fair, booking performances and speakers, technical support, sports programs, movie nights, Halloween and Chinese New Year events, safe arrival, traffic safety, fruit and veggie program, communications, bookkeeping, and so many, many more.
Many parents have been and will be at Trafalgar much longer than me. Parents who have volunteered so much they had to slow down and let others step up. Everyone in their own way contributes to our community.
Those parents in and out of Trafalgar were my inspiration to be involved and then I was hooked!
I would like to say a special thank you to Karen Sadler and Gord Lau for taking over as PAC Co chairs last year and running a most improved and successful year. Lorie for all her work as treasurer and my bike/walk to school sidekick. Rup Kang and her team for the amazing direct appeal campaign. Thank you Bronwyn MacLean for your endless energy! I don’t know how you do it with hot dog days, International dinner, cake raffles and now the playground committee! Thank you super organized, Janice Johnson for endless hours in so many areas, even the Quebec exchange when your child was not even going. Suzanne Fielden and the Earth bites team for the garden and all the workshops. Sean Thompson, Suz, teachers and team for our wonderful mural. Bryony for stepping up to do the year end slideshow. Nicole and Rachelle for their expert editing and communication skills ┬ámaking sense of our poorly written emails!
There are so many parents and staff that have done so much I could never list them all.
If you want to be involved just check out┬áto see where they need your skills. Every little bit makes a difference in our children’s school and our community. The icing on the cake is it will bring you more joy and gratification than you ever thought possible!
Cheryl Gravkin