The Direct Appeal – 2020/21

In case this isn’t your first rodeo, we’ll save you some time and cut to the chase. We are now launching the Direct Appeal for 2020/21. It’s a little later than usual due to crazy Covid circumstances but it’s now ready to go.

If you’re ready to go and would like to just donate, please click here.

Between now and October 23rd, we’ll be asking each family at Trafalgar to make a financial contribution (of any size) to help fund the PAC’s budget for a busy year.

Rather than ask for a bit here and then a bit more there, we run a ‘direct appeal’ campaign early in the year to get it all out of the way early.  This allows us to approve our year’s budget in October and know what kind of programs we can run for the students. If we don’t raise our goal, we have to reduce our budget and program. This is a very different year for us in that we will not be able to fundraise through hot lunch, special events, noon hour programs, pocket markets, etc. Direct Appeal will be our only source of PAC funds for 2020/21.

What you need to know

This campaign runs from Oct 7th-Oct 23rd. Our goals are:

  • to raise $25,000 to fund the PAC program for 2020/21
  • to achieve 100% participation – we’re hoping that each Trafalgar family will make a donation, of any size

How to donate online

The fastest way to donate is online, the VSB handles PAC donations and tax receipts on our behalf. One key benefit is that your tax receipt will arrive in your inbox instantly.

You can pay with debit or credit card and you can copy the details from your cheque to transfer funds directly from your bank account, just like paying with a cheque. So, no credit card needed to donate online.

  • Start by clicking on the link to go to our donation page (click here)
  • You’ll see that Trafalgar PAC has already been selected 
  • Select an amount, or type in an amount you would like to give in the box (see image below)
  • Click on ADD TO CART
  • Click on CONTINUE
  • Log into your VSB School Cash Online account (or register for a new account if you are new to the system)
  • Choose your method of payment


That’s it! You should receive an email confirmation and a tax receipt shortly after your donation.

The funds get automatically transferred to the school for the PAC to use. We cannot see any names with our donation report, just the amounts that have been donated so this process is anonymous.

If you have donated, thank you so so much!  Any and all amounts have a positive impact on all the students at Trafalgar.

How much to donate

While a donation of $125 per family will help us reach our goal of $25,000, any and all contributions are welcome. We understand that this year may look different for your family than previous years. Any donation of any amount would be greatly appreciated.

Why donate?

Great question, please read on to find out why we ask for this money and what we do with it.

More info about the PAC Program

Trafalgar Elementary is a pretty amazing place to learn. Alongside the VSB’s new and innovative curriculum, our kids benefit from a wide range of programs and experiences sponsored by a very active Parent Advisory Council (PAC).

The PAC executive, teachers, and administration have been working together to find ways to ensure our students are not only safe at school during the Covid-19 pandemic, but also that we try our best to keep to the FUN in the absence of assemblies, events, field trips, etc. Health and safety is our first goal and FUN is right up there as #2!

One of the best learning environments we have is the great outdoors. We live in a beautiful province with mild weather so the teachers are trying to take advantage of that more than ever. Our students are so fortunate to be working with Earthbites again this year. They will be planting, harvesting, and even possibly helping to build some new planters!  We are looking to make improvements to our garden and outdoor learning spaces throughout this year.

Unfortunately, we will likely not be able have Hip Hop this year but are looking into other PE workshops that are safe for our students to participate in. Gymnastics may still be a yes- stay tuned! We know the administration and teachers will find some cool, fun PE workshops that can be carried out in a safe environment.

The students will once again be educated by the amazing Saleema Noon through her virtual Body Science program as well as be virtually visited by authors in the library. We are so fortunate to have received some new laptops from the VSB but will need to purchase a charging cart for those. Of course, we dedicate a large portion of our funds to support our amazing teachers and assist them in purchasing resources they need/would love to have for their classrooms. This is always SO appreciated.

Our school librarian, Mme Michele has plans to transform the Trafalgar library into a “21st-Century Learning Centre” and we are well on our way! Last year, we purchased a big, new couch for the learning commons, new laptops and a charging cart, and the Grade 7 families generously donated funds to buy new tables for the space. Future plans include a new circulation desk and new bookshelves on rollers. These plans may be on hold for this year. It will depend on how large of a Direct Appeal we achieve. With our support, Mme. Michele will also be purchasing online reading programs for both English and French.

Every year, we spend some funds on keeping our drop off/pick up area safe through the use of signs and purchase sensory bin items (noise-canceling headphones, wiggle cushions, etc) for those students who benefit from them. This year, we are also focusing on supporting some organization items such as boot mats and coat hooks for outside the classrooms since many cloakrooms are not being used and our children are weighted down by belongings at their desks.

We all know that a well-rounded education is the best education so we have budgeted for art and music supplies as well as sports equipment. With less workshops and field trips available, we think it’s important to make sure teachers have the resources they need to keep their Arts and Athletics lessons going. New to the budget this year is funding for resources for Applied Design and Technology for each individual teacher. They can use this money to buy anything from robotics, to woodworking supplies to sewing machines….anything that can be used to support the ADT curriculum. Again- trying to keep the FUN alive! Our school has always offered a broad and engaging program, with something for everyone. That’s due in large part to the passion and talent of the school’s amazing staff and admin. However, much of what’s been described above is directly funded and supported by the PAC. It looks different this year but we are the same community of engaged, supportive people so there is no doubt that our children will be supported in new and creative ways!

Our PAC budget is much more fluid this year than in the past. We typically have so many avenues to fundraise and support all of the above programs (and more!). Direct Appeal is our only fundraiser this year so without the support of all families, we will have to look at eliminating some of the above categories.  Please join us in trying to make this very strange and somewhat stressful year a safe and fun one for all of our children and teachers!

Please click here to donate now
and thank you for any contribution you are able to make.

筹款活动 2020/21


因为这不是第一次被通知,我们将为您节省时间直奔主题。 我们现在正启动2020/21年The Direct Appeal直接呼吁。 由于疯狂Covid的特殊情况,这次比以往要晚一些。 如果您准备好了,只需要直接捐款,请单击此处。


我们没有多次反复来提出要求,而是尽早在今年学年初就进行“直接呼吁”行动,以尽早计划和解决所有问题。 这样,我们就能在10月份通过和批准年度预算,并知道我们可以为学生们做什么活动安排。 如果我们不提高捐款目标,就必须减少预算和计划。 对于我们来说,今年是不同寻常的一年,因为我们将无法通过热午餐、中午时段兴趣小组、Pocket market等进行筹款。The Direct Appeal 将是我们在2020/21年度PAC资金的唯一来源。



此活动从10月7日至10月23日开始。 我们的目标是:

  • 筹集$ 25,000以资助2020/21年度PAC计划
  • 实现100%的参与-我们希望每个Trafalgar都会捐款,无论其金额大小。



Online 在线


最快的捐赠方式是在线-单击此处捐赠。 主要好处是您的捐款收据将立即到达您的收件箱。


您可以使用借记卡或信用卡付款,也可以复制支票中的详细信息以直接从银行帐户转帐资金,就像使用支票付款一样。 因此,无需信用卡即可在线捐款。



虽然每个家庭 $125的捐款将帮助我们实现 $25,000的目标,但我们欢迎任何数额的捐款。 我们知道,今年对您的家庭而言可能会与往年有所不同。 任何金额的任何捐赠将不胜感激。




关于PAC 的更多信息

Trafalgar小学是一个非常了不起的学习场所。 除了VSB的新课程和创新课程,我们的孩子受益于非常积极的家委会(PAC)赞助的各种活动安排和经历。

PAC的管理人员、老师和行政部门一直在努力寻找方法,以确保我们的学生不仅在Covid-19大流行期间的在学校的安全,而且在没有集会的情况下,我们尽最大努力保住孩子们的乐趣, 健康和安全是我们的首要目标, FUN排名第二!


最好的户外环境使我们拥有最佳的学习环境。 我们生活在美丽的省份,气候温和,因此老师们比以往任何时候都想尽最大的努力。 我们的学生很幸运,今年能够再次开展Earthbites。 他们将进行种植,收割,甚至可能帮助建立一些新的播种机! 我们希望在今年全年改善花园和户外学习空间。


不幸的是,今年我们可能无法举行Hip Hop,但正在寻找其他可以让我们的学生安全参加的体育项目。体操可能仍然是一个不错的选择! 我们知道管理人员和老师会发现一些可以在安全的环境中进行的有趣的体育活动 PE workshop。

学生将通过 virtual Body Science program(虚拟身体科学计划)再次受到惊人的Saleema Noon的教育,并在图书馆和作者们进行虚拟访问。 我们很幸运能够从VSB收到一些新的笔记本电脑,但是需要为它们购买充电器材。 当然,我们会将很大一部分资金用于支持我们出色的老师,并帮助他们购买他们需要/愿意为教室提供的资源。 这些总是被很感激。


我们的学校图书馆员Mme Michele计划将Trafalgar图书馆转变为“ 21世纪学习中心”,我们的工作进展顺利! 去年,我们为学习共用空间购买了新的大沙发,新的笔记本电脑和充电器材,并且7年级的家庭慷慨捐赠了资金,为该空间购买了新桌子。 未来的计划包括新的还书台和带滚筒的新书架。 这些计划可能在今年暂停。 这将取决于我们实现收获的捐款规模。 在我们的支持下,Mme Michele还将购买英语和法语的在线阅读程序。


每年,我们都会花费一些资金,通过使用标示牌来确保汽车落客区的安全,并为受益于这些物品的学生购买感官箱物品(降噪耳机,摆动垫子等)。 今年,由于没有使用许多衣帽架,我们的孩子的课桌上被物品压着,因此,我们还集中精力为教室外的一些收纳设备提供支持,例如靴子垫和衣帽钩。


我们都知道,全面的教育是最好的教育,因此我们为艺术和音乐用品以及运动器材安排了预算。由于workshop活动和外出field trip学习活动较少,我们认为确保教师拥有继续进行艺术和田径课程所需的资源非常重要。今年预算的新内容是为每位教师提供应用设计和技术资源。他们可以用这笔钱购买任何东西,从机器人技术到木工用品再到缝纫机……任何可以用来支持ADT课程的东西。再次-试图保持FUN乐趣!我们学校一直提供广泛而有趣的计划,并为每个人提供一些帮助。这在很大程度上归功于学校出色的员工和管理人员的热情和才华。但是,上面描述的许多内容都是由PAC直接资助和支持的。今年的情况看起来有所不同,但我们是一个由敬业的,支持者组成的社区,因此毫无疑问,我们的孩子将以新颖和创造性的方式得到支持!


今年,我们的PAC预算比过去更加不稳定。 通常,我们有很多途径可以筹集和支持上述所有计划(甚至更多!)。 Direct Appeal是我们今年唯一的筹款活动,因此在没有所有家庭支持的情况下,我们将不得不考虑取消上述类别中的一些内容。 请与我们一起努力,使这一非常古怪和有些压力的一年对我们所有的孩子和老师来说都是安全有趣的一年!