Background and timeline – May 28th

The below was updated May 28th

Hi all:

I just want to provide you an update with what has occurred in the last few days, activities currently in progress, and what you can do to help right now.  Please make sure to read “what you can do right now” — we need your support this week!
Recent actions taken:
  1. Meeting with MLAs: We met with David Eby and George Heyman regarding the impacts that these changes will have on their constituents.  They had a general understanding of the issues.  Our group of parents provided them a little more of the human stories — impact on parents and our frustrations.  Our big picture ask is for adequate funding for education but even with the current election result, that’s a slow process. They do understand our concerns about education funding.  They may also be also able to contact press on our behalf.
  2. Meeting with VSB Committee arranged: DPAC has assisted us in ensuring a place on the agenda for this meeting at 6PM May 31st.  More on this below.
  3. Meeting with superintendent and trustee arranged:   We have a meeting scheduled for early this week.  This is an opportunity for a small group of already informed parents to get official answers and for us to understand a little bit of “why” and “where are we going from here” and “what is possible now”.
  4. Mailing list signup promotion: We want to build this list to keep parents informed and ensure that we can easily reach parents who will write letters to MLAs and the VSB.  We have circulated the signup link along with a blurb to our parents, as well as to nearby daycares.  I’m additionally encouraging parents to reach out to their networks via Facebook and Twitter.  (My tweet here and Facebook post here)
  5. Created web page for archived information: As we promote the mailing list, new readers may need some history.
Other activities in progress:
  1. Meeting with more MLAs: We are trying to arrange a meeting with Andrew Wilkinson, the local BC Liberal MLA
  2. Draft letter to the VSB: We feel that continued advocacy from parents directly to the superintendent and trustee will be valuable and will be drafting a letter for our parents to send to the VSB.
What you can do to help right now:
  1. Attend the VSB committee meeting 6PM Wednesday night at the VSB.  A delegation of parents will make a 10 minute presentation to the committee regarding the importance of French immersion, the impacts of these changes, and what we’d like to see happen.  Please show your support by attending this meeting as a concerned member of the public!  Email just to let us know that you are coming.  (A little info about the committee meetings, the presentation is done by the delegation and debate does not always occur at the meeting – info and
  2. Stay informed.  Talk to your PAC members to make sure you understand the details of what is happening at your school and why it is happening.
  3. Help us reach impacted parents.  Parents can sign up for this mailing list using this this link
As always, please feel free to reach out to me if you have any questions.
Gord Lau
Trafalgar PAC co-chair