Valentine’s Bake sale

It may be another snow day tomorrow but if not, the bake sale is on! The Grade 4 Immersion students are holding a bake sale tomorrow to raise money for Camp Jubilee. Need a sweet for your Valentine? They have got you covered with everything from ready-to-eat treats to packaged sweets and gifts. Satisfy your sweet tooth and show your friends and family your love with homemade treats.

The sale will take place at 3pm. Location will be announced tomorrow morning. Should school be cancelled tomorrow, we will move the sale to Thursday. Please pack your child some $ tonight so they can participate!

Tax receipts

If you emailed our treasurers to request a tax receipt in December, please come collect your receipt this tomorrow in Mme. Aimee’s old classroom, Room 112, in the French primary hallway from 8:45-9:10am or after school at the bake sale from 3-3:30pm. As previously communicated in many Sunday email blasts, the deadline for requesting receipts was in December so if you did not request via email, we will not have a receipt for you.