Support Your Trafalgar School PAC by buying fresh, delicious vegetables grown in BC. The BC Fruit and Vegetables Program, which provides healthy snacks once a month for our school, has chosen us to host this healthy fundraiser! Now you can enjoy these local fresh vegetables at home too!! The PAC receives 40% of all sales. These proceeds will be put towards the garden learning activities in the school.
This event will support our children’s understanding of local choices and environmental stewardship that have been discussed with the classes in the Earthbites Program. Beets are the new super food – get yours here!
Buy Fresh, Buy Local

Bundle A – $15                             Bundle B – $25
1. 5lbs Red Potatoes
2. 3lbs Onions
3. 5lbs Beets
4. 284g Grape Tomatoes
1. 5lbs Red Potatoes
2. 5lbs Beets
3. 3lbs Onions
4. 2lbs Peppers
(Assorted Colours)
5. Hot House Butter Lettuce

Orders due: March 5th
Pick up: From the school in late April – an email will be sent out with exact pick up date
Click here for the order form.