Mark your Calendars – Come with Friends!
When: Wednesday, February 5th from 7-9 pm.
Where: Kitsilano Secondary School Auditorium, $5 per person
NB: This event is organized by the Trafalgar PAC. Kitsilano PAC is hosting a speaker on the same topic January 14. The focus of our February 5th event will be more relevant to parents of elementary students and those entering Grade 8.
Tickets will be on sale Monday mornings throughout January 8:45 to 9:15 in the main foyer of the school. You may also reserve tickets by contacting Michelle Gemmill at
Presentation by Deborah MacNamara, PhD
The digital world is here to stay, changing our society in a way that has far reaching consequences for our children. What are the implications for raising children? How do we harness the spectacular connecting potential and yet avoid the pitfalls of attachment technology gone awry? How do we prepare them to live in this new world and yet preserve what is required for healthy development to take place? We have followed our children into the digital world and yet for their sakes as well as ours, need to restore our lead in order to avoid the insidious dangers that live in the shadows of this potent technology. We will consider the digital revolution through the lens of developmental science, committed to helping adults help children reach their full human potential.
Dr. Deborah MacNamara is a clinical counsellor and educator in private practice helping parents, teachers, and childcare professionals make sense of children and adolescents in their care. She has over 15 years experience as a teacher and counsellor in mental health and educational settings. Deborah is a dynamic presenter and writes on a number of parenting issues and has been published in parenting magazines and newsletters across Canada.
Deborah’s presentations are based on current attachment research, developmental psychology and neuroscientific understanding of children and youth. Grounded in the work of Dr. Gordon Neufeld, an internationally respected clinical and developmental psychologist, they help make sense of children and adolescents from the inside out.
Deborah MacNamara interned with Dr. Gordon Neufeld and is on faculty at the Neufeld Institute. Deborah facilitates all of Dr. Neufeld’s courses, supervises advanced studies students at the Neufeld Institute, and is Course Coordinator for Making Sense of Attention Problems and Making Sense of Preschoolers.