Dear Students, Parents, and Guardians,
In case anyone has missed the news through the media, school starts Monday, September 22. Please see below for schedules and locations for Monday and Tuesday.
What time Monday? As all Opening Days, classes are in session 9 a.m. to 10 a.m. for students from Grades 1-7. (Our incoming Kindergarten families received their class assignment and Gradual Entry schedule on Friday and are aware only parents come from 1-2 pm. for a group orientation with their teacher).
Where to go Monday? All returning Grades 1-7 students will return to their former classroom/teacher (or, in three cases, to a new teacher, but in that same room). New students go directly to the gym for a meeting and brief orientation with two Resource teachers.
What time Tuesday? School is in session the regular hours, 9 a.m. to 3 p.m. for all Grades 1-7 students (while Gradual Entry begins for our incoming Kindergartens)
Where to go Tuesday?
New students return to the gym, and Grades 2-7 students return to their former class/teacher.
Grade 1 students (whose former Kindergarten teachers have started Gradual Entry with the new Ks) will meet in these locations:

  •          Div. 19 (Ms. Jacobson’s class) in Room 009 (downstairs, north end, beyond library and computer lab) with Ms. Coulter-Boisvert and Ms. Kindrachuk
  •          Div. 20 (Mme Jen’s class) in the library with Mme Elly
  •          Div. 21 (Mme Nicole’s class) in Room 216 (upstairs, west side of hallway) with Mme Ashley

This information will be provided to all Grade 1 students in print form on Monday and will posted on the school’s website.
When will students be moved to their permanent class? Teachers and office staff were in Friday and worked hard to draw up class lists for this school year. On Monday, once we know for certain who is returning and who is not, we will make necessary adjustments to the classes and review lists one last time. Assuming our projections are relatively accurate and that we are able to confirm unexpected absences in a timely manner, we could have students in their permanent classes as early as Tuesday morning.
If for any reason you are unable to attend school Monday/Tuesday and have not yet filled out the “Notice of Late Return” or otherwise informed us, you must do so by Tuesday noon. At that time, we will begin to offer available space to students on the waitlist.
Thanks to everyone for their patience with this — and stay tuned for more information soon.
See you Monday,
Mme Tremblay