2019 / 20

Divisions/Staff Directory

Our organization for 2019-2020 is as follows:


1 7 Mr. Nicholas Kabele
2F 6/7 M. Alexis Lefebvre
3F 6/7 Mme Nadine Lammam (M, T, W, F) Susan Hundal (Th)
4 5/6 Ms. Vivian Cai
5F 5/6 Mme Ashley House
6F 4/5 Mme Laure Larpent
7 4/5 Ms Jessica Schoen
8F 4 M. Guillaume Robidoux
9 3/4 Ms. Dorothy Goodison
10F 3 Mme Maryanne Cruickshank
11F 3 Mme Anne-Marie Lascelles
12F 2/3 Mme Agnes Jacquet
13F 1/2 Mme France Soucy
14 1/2 Mr. Tony Wong
15 1/2 Mr. Joel Fleming
16F 1 Mme Lianne Nosyk
17F K M. Marc Gurumeta
18 K Ms. Margo Jacobson
19F K Mme Dema Asad
English Resource Ms. Erin Macfadden
English Resource Ms Dity Arvanitis
French LAC Mme Louise Plante
Library Mme Michele Dricot


Tue, 29 Jun

First day back

Wed, 8 Sep

Have a great summer!

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