Reimbursement Requests

These guidelines are based upon the PAC Constitution and By-Laws; one of the chief goals of the latter is to ensure that the monies donated by our families are spent as directed by the parents of our school – the PAC.

These guidelines explain how expenditures are reimbursed, thereby improving understanding of the process, and of course speed up how quickly volunteers can get their money back!

When you are ready to send in your reimbursement request, please click here.

What Expenses Can Be Reimbursed?

  • Only those expenses that have been voted and approved by the entire Parent Advisory Council (PAC)
  • No expense item can exceed the budgeted amount for the overall category
  • Neither the PAC Chair, Treasurer, Principal nor Vice-Principal can approve any expenditure unless the PAC has voted to spend the monies

How Can I be Reimbursed?

  • If the expense has been approved by the PAC, please complete the online PAC Reimbursement Form
  • You must attach relevant receipt(s) to the form as evidence that payment has been made. This can be a photo, scan, PDF or other type of document. Please keep your paper copy until after you have been paid back.
  • Reimbursement cheques will be available from the Treasurer’s folder within one week of correctly completed and submitted reimbursement forms

What Do I Do If I Do Not Have a Receipt?

  • In general, no reimbursement can be made without a receipt or some form of proof of expenditure
  • Please contact the Treasurer to see what, if anything, can be done

How Do I Get an Unapproved Expense Reimbursed?

  • You can not be reimbursed for any expense that has not been voted upon and agreed to by the PAC prior to the expenditure
  • If you have already paid for an item without approval you cannot have it reimbursed – please speak with the Chair or the Treasurer to see what can be done

I am Organising an Event, What do I Need to Know?

  • Contact the Chair and Treasurer to determine an appropriate budget in the Fall, or if it the event has not been approved at the Fall budget meeting, please contact the Chair and Treasurer
  • Speak with the Treasurer to clarify issues like issuing cheques to vendors, time required to reimburse vendors (typically 30 calendar days), information for volunteers, etc.
  • If you feel the event may go over budget, please contact the Treasurer as soon as possible to determine the appropriate course of action before spending any additional monies
  • All cheques should be made out to the Trafalgar Elementary School PAC (not the school!)
  • Please handle received cash/monies according to the Policy for Handling Cash Money; for example, coins must be rolled