Urgent- communications person needed! Like these weekly email blasts?? Want to see them keep going? We NEED a parent to take over the communications volunteer position ASAP. The same 2 people have been doing them for 2 1/2 years and it’s time to pass it on because we both have other large volunteer commitments that benefit our school. It’s a great position for a parent would like to contribute but does not have a flexible schedule. You don’t have to be at school. Parents and teachers email you what needs to be sent out and it is included in 1 email each Sunday night. I’m afraid to say these emails will end if someone doesn’t step up by March break. We’ve been asking for a volunteer for years with no success. Please! Please! These emails are such a great tool to keep everyone organized.

Coming up this week:

PAC meeting this Tuesday, February 19th at 7pm in the library.It’s been awhile! We have several items on the agenda including an update from the school regarding new fundraising guidelines and outdoor education policy. This impacts everyone so we’d love to see you all there. We will also hear from Paintillio about the upcoming Community paint night, discuss possible funding for a more inclusive playground, and chat about upcoming events. Babysitting is available as always. 

Developmental Disabilities Clothing Drive-

Collecting clothes until February 22nd! This is an easy and simple way for us to raise money for the Grade 7 Quebec Exchange. The Developmental Disabilities Trust offers us the opportunity to raise funds by collecting used clothing, purses, sewing materials, towels, bedspreads, shoes. They will also include toys, games, knick knacks, and small household items, to a maximum of 20%. Drop off in the main hallway of the school. We challenge each household to drop off at least a bag each! Flyer and more information

Grade 7 English fundraiser reminders-

A SPUD fundraiser reminder, it is ongoing, so any gift cards or food boxes purchased will continue to raise money for us as we go into Term 3.

Rocky Mountain Flatbread – frozen pizzas will be delivered on FEB. 19 – the sheet that went home said Feb. 15, but that’s a Pro D, and the Monday is a holiday, so we will be sending them out on Feb. 19. We will put out some other reminders as well.

Vancouver Minor softball association is looking for new recruits for the upcoming season! More information below:

Coming up soon:


Mural Project Community Paint Night – March 5The students are in the midst of the collage stage of our school mural project based on their vision of a UNESCO-themed utopian landscape. Once the collage is completed by the students, Paintillio will photograph the original mural and digitally print it into a paint by number mural, which will be 35 ft. long  covering the wall by the main entrance. After the students have started painting it in February, we will be hosting a community paint night for teachers, parents and caregivers to help us finish painting it. Save the date of Tuesday, March 5 from 3-7 PM and join us for some snacks and painting fun with your kids. More details coming soon.

Mural Unveiling & School Song Ceremony – March 7
On March 7 at 2 PM, there will be a mural unveiling ceremony with a slideshow and a performance of our new school song, “Trafalgar HOWL,” written by our students in collaboration with musician Will Stroet from Will’s Jams