The Parent Advisory Council (PAC)  had a number of recent generous donations to the Direct Donation Drive, raising the total received to $25,723.05. This is well above the targeted amount and makes it possible to do a lot more things for the children at Trafalgar. Thank you to all the Trafalgar parents who donated so generously.
The budget was approved at the PAC meeting in November with lots of new initiatives. Some of the highlights of the budget include:
1. $5000 for the library. Mme. Elly is thrilled to be able to replace outdated non-fiction books  and keep the library stocked with good new reading material in English and in French!
2. Technology: 15 laptop computers and a computer cart. Teachers will start using computers more in the classroom – an exciting development! Also: 12 new monitors to go with the classroom computers the PAC purchased last year.  (Laptops were requested by the teachers and represent a step in a broader technology plan.)
3. A new projector for use in the gym and activity room — one that is intended for use in larger spaces!
4. Education programs.  These include GEERing up, the great engineering program the children loved last year. And Pedalheads to teach bike safety to the grades that need it.
5. Lots of new sporting equipment to keep the gym and phys ed classes fun! These include pop up soccer nets, frisbee disks, yoga mats, badminton racquets, mini foam hockey sticks, footballs  and basketball equipment.
6. 4 arts performances! These included the Tap Co performance that the children enjoyed last month.
7. Teacher discretionary fund: Every teacher has been provided with $250 to allow them to buy things for the classroom that the Vancouver School Board budget does not cover.  These funds are very much appreciated by the teachers.
8. A sprinkler system for the much loved school garden, to keep our plants alive year round. Also, money to support the start of a new orchard and willow tree garden, and to keep our existing garden alive and thriving.
9. A winter Carnaval/Olympics fun-week for the kids.
The approved budget amounts to $49,000 for the year. New items for budget consideration and approval can be brought to the PAC over the year. A number of interesting potential initiatives are already underway.