PAC Meeting – PAC meeting tomorrow night (Feb 20th) from 6-6:30pm just before the Saleema Noon parent talk.
UR strong registration – Registration for this internationally recognized social emotional well-being program will open up to the general public this Wednesday, Feb 21st. Buy tickets now.  More details hereRegister here.  Babysitting will also be available for this workshop from 3:45-7:30pm.
School newsletter (also sent to VSB school distribution list)

Coming up soon!  Save the date – March 2nd

March 2rd Friday Lunar New Year Gala
5:00pm—7:00pm Game and Food
7:00pm—8:00pm Lion Dance, Masks change Show,  Star-war music from school band, musical drama and Costume show from School staffs and parents.  We also have photo booth!
Individual ticket: $5
Family ticket: $15
Ticket sales will start from Feb. 23 before and after school
Please mark the date in your calendar to join the fun games and watch the amazing performances.

Yearbook reminder

A reminder to contribute photos, purchase a yearbook and send in any missing consent forms.  Details here.
Thank you for your support. Any questions, comments or concerns, please contact the Yearbook Committee at
Thank you! Yearbook Committee