Mark your calendars for the 16th Annual International Dinner! This is a fun-filled evening with lots of great food and a draw for 21 unique Fantasy Baskets created by each division in the school. The International Dinner is a potluck dinner which gives all of us a chance to sample delicious foods from the various cultures represented within our Trafalgar School community. If you are planning to attend the International Dinner please bring a favourite main dish to feed at least 10 peoplePlease label the dish with the ingredients in case of allergies. This is especially important if you are bringing a dish which contains crab or other types of seafood as we do have a number of reported severe allergies to these foods. Food should be divided into two containers as we will have two stations set up in order to distribute the food as quickly and efficiently as possible. Please put your name on your containers and please also bring serving spoons with your name on them. Since we are feeding 300 people it is important to us that everyone gets enough to eat! Trafalgar P.A.C. will be providing coffee, tea and a terrific dessert table.
Don’t forget to bring along cutlery,plates and cups for your family.Tickets for the International Dinner will be on sale every day at 3:00 in the main foyer of the school starting on Monday, February 21st, until sold out. There are a limited number of tickets available so don’t delay – get your tickets a.s.a.p. so as not to be disappointed. We have sold out every year over the past several years! All students wishing to attend the dinner must be accompanied by a parent or guardian.Information regarding the fantasy baskets will be available shortly. Tickets for the basket raffle will be $1 each or 6 for $5.
We would like to thank everyone in advance for your participation in this event!
Anyone wishing to volunteer for this fabulous event should contact Suzie King at