Many thanks for all the donations we have received so far in our “School of Treasures” Direct Donation Campaign!
We truly appreciate your generosity and will ensure that your donations will be put to good use to make your child’s(ren’s) experience at Trafalgar Elementary even more worthwhile.
The campaign has less than two weeks to run. We are heartened by the many generous donations so far but would greatly appreciate and value donations from those of you who have not yet contributed.
As parents ourselves, we understand how busy everyone is, which is why we have slimmed down our big fund-raising campaigns to just one a year, namely, this one: The Direct Donation campaign.
So please take this one chance to donate.
How? Please click here to retrieve the direct donation form. Complete it in full and return it with your cheque either:
– to the box outside the school office
– or mail it in the “School of Treasures” envelope that went home in your child’s/(ren’s) agenda a couple of weeks ago
The Trafalgar PAC (Parent Advisory Council) works hard to add value and more treasure to the school to enrich your child(ren)’s education. Through purchasing supplies, providing sports equipment, supporting cultural performances and recreational initiatives, contributing books, cultivating greener outdoor spaces, enhancing technology, preparing for new playgrounds (to occur in 2015), and so
many other endeavours, the PAC contributes an average of $35,000 in treasures every year to the school. This is only possible with your help and your generosity.
Deadline for donations is November 1, 2013
While any amount is deeply valued, consider that we are striving to reach a $20,000 target. Raising this amount will ensure that all of the basic budgetary demands for the year are met. If we are able to raise more than this, we can initiate and/or support additional special projects! We depend on all families to help as possible; every donation makes a big difference to our School of Treasures.
With many thanks from everyone who benefits from your contribution to our School of Treasures!