Early in September, parents questioned why the VSB was not posting a position for a French immersion kindergarten teacher at Trafalgar given that a space had come up due to attrition at the start of the school year. Below is our letter and their response.
Hi (Director of Instruction Keough, cc: Superintendent Lewis and Trustee Turner)
Over the summer, the enrollment numbers in Trafalgar’s French immersion program have changed. As of the start of September, we have had a classroom available.
Although I appreciate the difficulties that the VSB faces with regards to hiring qualified French immersion teachers, I was hopeful that we would be able to fill this position. I have since discovered that this FI kindergarten position has not been posted at all — administration at our school has not received approval to do so.
If my facts are correct, this runs contrary to the explicit support that the VSB stated for the French immersion program in June. Additional recruitment to the district is a starting point but you can’t hire teachers if the vacancy is not posted.
What our parents see is that we have lost a kindergarten class, yet we have a vacant kindergarten classroom AND sufficient space in the school for that cohort of students to progress through to higher grades. If this position is not advertised, parents will wonder about the VSB’s commitment to French education and the reasons why the position was not made available.
Can you please take steps to remedy this issue and have this FI kindergarten position posted?
Thank you,
Gord Lau
Trafalgar Elementary
The VSB did respond — see their response
Gord Lau is representing the district PAC as one of the parent representatives at the choice program review.  At this point, the review does not look like it will directly address capacity issues or the issue of kindergarten spaces.  He will continue to bring the issue of capacity at the kindergarten level and of support for French immersion forward to the VSB and the trustee(s).  He will be updating both the PAC executive and parents interested in this choice program review in more detail — if you are interested in hearing more details, sign up for a dedicated mailing list here.