Spring break is over, spring term has begun?  Are you ready?
Coming up:

  1. Our students will be getting a musical treat this week! The Milton Randall drumming will be happening this Friday, April 6th. All students will be participating. Another wonderful opportunity brought to the students by the PAC. Thanks to you all!
  2. Noon Hour programs start next week on Monday, April 9th!
  3. Please join us for our April PAC meeting next Tuesday, April 10th from 7-8:30pm. We will be discussing the new reporting system. This will be an opportunity for parents to offer their feedback. We would love to see you there! Babysitters will be there, as usual.
  4. Reminder to get your Earthquake kit order forms in ASAP if you haven’t already. Orders will be placed this week.
  5. A wonderful parent in our school (Thanks Eve!) teamed up with Mr. Rupert to do a Tech inventory so we would have a better picture of what we have (and what we need). As discussed at the December PAC meeting, we will be focusing on replacing the computer lab and library desktops with laptops this Spring. The inventory is attached here. Note: the school purchased 6 iPads for the resource center in the Winter term and they are not reflected in this inventory.  Tech Inventory v3
  6. The URSTRONG workshop is coming up on April 18th. Tickets sales have been very strong but there are a few left. Grab them while you can! More info here and you can buy tickets here
  7. Track and Field for Grades 4-7 starts soon! More information will be available this week.
  8. After school programs – some programs start this coming week (yes!), others in a couple of weeks.  All of the program information is available here but a sample of the courses we have available:Dolphin Kids Communications Program (Wednesdays) April 5th -June 6th (10 weeks) Grades 3 to 6
    Applying the latest neuro-scientific methods, in a program developed by Dr. Shimi Kang, children will learn to communicate in an emotionally intelligent way through improvisation. Registration at https://www.dolphinkids.ca/afterschool-programs
    LightsUp K-7; (Fridays) 3:15-5:15; April 6 -June 8
    Students learn to sing, dance and act while working towards a costumed performance for
    friends and family. Registration OPEN at lightsuptheatre.ca/Trafalgar or 604 815 1689
    Young Rembrandts Drawing Gr 1-6; 3:05-4:15 April 19 – June 7, 2018
    Learn new drawing techniques while having fun. Returning students will build on the skills
    learned previously. Registration OPEN at www.youngrembrandts.com/metrovancouver
    Again you can view all the programs here