Trafalgar is a school full of treasures spread across 21 classes from Kindergarten to Grade 7 in both English and French. Your Trafalgar PAC works very hard to support your child’s school experience by enriching their education.
This year, through our School of Treasures Campaign, PAC is seeking donations from parents to fund programs and purchases including basic budget items as well as books for the library, computers, cultural performances, the garden, playground equipment, guest speakers for PAC meetings, and more. Donation forms were sent home with your child, and are available at the school office or online here. (Please note that there are two pages to the form, so please scroll down for the donation form)
The PAC only requests donations from parents once a year through this Direct Appeal and won’t send you repeated fundraising requests.
Help us reach our goal of raising $20,000 between November 1 -30, 2014. A  donation of $100 per family makes a big difference to our School of Treasures!
Thank you.