Dear Parents,
As you may be aware, the large wooden playground at the front grounds of Trafalgar School is near the end of its life cycle.  The Vancouver School Board has identified that it must be replaced for health and safety reasons. The VSB will be taking down the wooden play structure sometime around December 2015.
The Canadian Pediatric Society recommends physical activity for all children. It is critical for supporting healthy development (physical, social, behavioral cognitive and academic functioning). So we are committed to ensure that Trafalgar students continue to have the opportunity to engage in active play!
The PAC Playground committee, after discussion with other school groups and manufacturers, anticipates that a replacement play structure will cost around $125,000-$150,000 depending on size, surfacing, and add-on features such as a space net.  Currently, there is $50,000 set aside in the PAC budget (money that was earmarked and has been set aside annually over the last 3-4 years) to be used towards the replacement play structure. This means that we have a fundraising goal of $75,000-$100,000 towards the new play structure.
Fundraising for all school playgrounds is generated from 4 key areas;

  • Direct appeal fundraising from families
  • Corporate sponsors
  • In school fundraisers, such as popsicles or classroom fundraisers
  • Grants

The Playground committee has formed a Fundraising committee who will be working on researching grants as well as potential corporate fundraising. However, we are aware that typically 60-80% of all playground fundraising is generated from direct appeal from the families within the school.
Therefore we are asking all parents to make a donation to support your school to build a new and exciting playground for our 500+ students.  The budget target is high, therefore we are hoping each family will do all they can to assist us in reaching our goal.  Our target is for each family to donate $180.00 per child towards the new play structure. This equates to around a $1.00 per day for every instructional day in the school calendar.
Bronwyn Maclean, volunteer Project Manager for the new play structure, has had informal consultations with at least 15 classes, with the remainder of the classes to be completed this week.  It appears that there is consensus amongst the students that they would like to see a new play structure with spiral slides, monkey bars, a glide rail and the ever popular space net. Also, there are several requests for stand alone pieces such as saucer swing, individual spinners and a rock climber.
Please click here to see some initial concept drawings from vendors, as well as for the donation form.  The drawings are just representations of what we may be able to achieve within our nominated budget.  Please be advised that all money raised with this direct appeal will be directed to the playground only.  Should sufficient funds be available, we hope to include extensions to our primary playground structure to accommodate the large number of children using the playground throughout the day as well as the inclusion of a space net in the larger playground area.
We encourage you to give generously, as the new play structure will allow Trafalgar school children of today and the future to enjoy playing on the school grounds on a safe and secure play structure. Please use the donation form to complete and return with your payment to ensure we can provide you with tax receipts for your donation.
We thank you in advance for your support of this important and exciting project!
Shaleena Jeraj
Grade 3 parent and Fundraising Chair  for the new play structure