At Trafalgar School, our students are most fortunate to be able to participate in many extra-curricular activities. These extra-curricular activities can only take place with the support of staff and parents working in unison.

Please note that extra-curricular activities, such as outdoor camp, does not automatically occur every year and is not necessarily designated for one single grade level. Camps can only be decided upon in September of the new school year by the classroom teacher and will only take place at the discretion of the current teacher.

Also, the type of Outdoor Education undertaken will be determined by the teacher. Outdoor Education can take many forms including a day trip within Vancouver. The teacher may decide to attend a camp with the whole class, even if the class is a split class, as the goal of an outdoor camp is not only to experience outdoor education in a new surrounding, but also to build, enhance and foster relationships amongst the students who share a classroom.

As you are aware, split classes are common in Vancouver schools, and therefore it may be common for a split class to attend camp together. A teacher may decide to attend a camp only with their class or with a second class within the school.

Fundraising to support Outdoor Education will be done once the program has been decided. The classroom teacher will share their plans with the parents of their class and together, they will plan fundraising events, which may involve the help of students.

Fundraising at Trafalgar

As many fundraising activities take place within our school, the staff have created a timeline for fundraising events, in order to give all parties an equitable amount of time to run their campaign. These guidelines will allow for parents to be aware of what fundraising events are coming up, and be able to plan accordingly with staff.

Therefore: The Grade 7 Quebec group may fundraise between September and December.

Grade 7 Timberline Ranch group may fundraise between January to mid February.

The possibility of joint fundraisers between these two groups may take place outside of these timelines, as a way to enhance our school goal of creating one community.

Outdoor school/ Outdoor education may fundraise between February to June.

The goal of these guidelines, is to streamline the many fundraising events that take place within our school, so that all groups involved may benefit for their students.