At our next PAC meeting in June, we will be presenting a number of bylaw changes for your consideration.
To see a redline version of our bylaws (with changes and comments), please see here 2018 05 20 Trafalgar PAC Constitution Bylaws- REDLINE – 2018
There are a number of changes.  These changes can mostly be summarized as clarifications and updates to our rules to align with how business is actually conducted.

  • Aligning with current legislation
    • The BC School Act previously referred to parent participation in a School Planning Committee or SPC.  This is no longer referenced in the current legislation.
  • Aligning with parent wishes and/or current practices
    • Allow notice of meetings by email
    • At our first general meeting of 2017, there was a vote to increase the petty cash amount to $500 from $250.  Bylaws need to change to align with parent wishes.
    • We do not elect a fundraising chairperson to the PAC officers.
    • We do not require administration to co-sign financial documents such as GICs.
  • Clarifications
    • clarifying role of treasurer with respect to field trip accounts
    • clarifying co-chair roles
  • Flexibility
    • Allows the executive to appoint a DPAC representative if one is not elected.