Quebec deadlines approaching! Please support the Grade 7 Quebec Trip by purchasing these items:
Purdy’s chocolates- must order & pay online by Thursday, November 29 Customer number 4131
Gift Cards– submit order forms and cheque at the school by Thursday, November 29
Breakin outside TOOSC- please be aware that there has been a reported break-in out front of TOOSC. It happened in the 10 minutes that a Trafalagr parent spent picking up his/her child. Do not leave important belongings in your car.
From the Canadian Parents for French– The economic statement submitted by the Ontario provincial government of Doug Ford on November 15, 2018 abolished the Office of the French Language Services Commissioner and canceled the proposed French University of Ontario project. Franco Ontarians are mobilizing within the province.

CANADIAN PARENTS FOR FRENCH stands in solidarity with our French-speaking partner organizations in calling for the government to reconsider these cuts which will have important implications on Ontario’s French language minority community and, on FSL and French Immersion students seeking opportunities to continue learning and using French.

A petition has been created, receiving almost 10,000 signatures gathered this week. It insists that the Office of the French Language Services Commissioner of Ontario and the French University of Ontario project be reinstated,

CANADIAN PARENTS FOR FRENCH invites our motivated members to sign the petition and include within the comment section: “CPF members stand in solidarity with Franco-Ontarians.”

Link to the petiition ://
To defend access to services in the languages of the official minorities is to defend national unity and to have a vision for this country where we can speak both languages. This is a fundamental value of our organization.