Photo retakes – Friday November 3rd  

If you are not satisfied or were away for individual photo day, retakes will occur this Friday.

PAC meeting – Tuesday November 7th

Babysitting is available — come out and find out about activities being organized by parents around the school

Hip Hop – final performance – correction – Thursday, November 16th

Hip hop sessions have started today and run until the final show on THURSDAY, November 16th.  (The yellow permission form from the school indicated the show as “Friday, Nov 16th”, but the correct day is Thursday, November 16th.)
The afternoon dance performance will have all classes perform and parents/family are invited to attend. We will have the gym set up for parents to arrive at 1:00pm and will try to have the show begin by 1:15. We will move through the different grade groups and ask parents to stay until the end of the performance which will finish around 2:30/2:45.