Today is the last day to donate!
Few things distinguish our generation from our children’s as much as information technology. Technology is a powerful tool for learning and can help make education more engaging and personal. A student who struggles with a math concept on paper, can suddenly “get it” when presented with the same concept in an app or real-world online example.
The VSB provides some funding for technology equipment, but for many years, the PAC has used its funds to help fill in the gaps.
For example, in past years the PAC covers the cost of print cartridges for the school’s computer lab. In addition, one of the lab’s colour printers is broken and needs replacing.

There are also classroom technology needs. Most classrooms have two computers – one for teacher and one for student use – but one classroom still has only one computer, and we’d like to buy a second one. We’ve also had requests for Smartboards, magic white boards and a flat-screen TV. And there have been discussions of buying a set of iPads (or equivalent) for classroom use once the VSB rolls out the school’s wireless network (estimated for the first half of 2013).
Last year, the PAC spent about $8,000 on information technology, which was a low amount relative to previous years. This year, depending on our spending priorities, we could easily use many thousands more.
The PAC couldn’t meet any of these requests without the generous financial support of Trafalgar parents. If your child has brought home computer artwork to share or benefits from the use of an in-class Smartboard or computer, please consider donating to our Tree of Dreams campaign.
Keeping the school up-to-date with information technology costs money. Private school tuition costs thousands of dollars, a good chunk of which goes toward just this kind of thing. At Trafalgar, the VSB covers some of these costs but to create a really effective technology environment we need support from parents like you.
To donate, simply download and complete a donation form and submit it along with a cheque to the box outside the school office. (Please make cheques payable to Trafalgar PAC.) You can also donate online.
And if you’ve already donated, thank you!