Tomorrow is the last day to donate!
When you think of your elementary school days, what do you remember most? For many of us, it’s the social events. For others, it’s visits from performing artists.
The PAC funds many after-school social events, such as the Little Monsters’ Ball, Carnaval/Spirit Week, movie nights and more. Social events give our kids a break from everyday routines and allow them to experience their school in a new way. Our main goal is for everyone to have fun while growing school spirit and keeping admission costs down.
Artist visits can also make a big impression on developing minds. Each year, the PAC covers the costs of bringing in four performing art groups, from musicians to dancers to authors. Artist visits are a wonderful and powerful way to introduce new art forms and means of self-expression.
The PAC also covers the cost of having an English author visit the school every year. Government grant money covers the cost of a French author visit, but English author visits are only possible thanks to PAC funding.

We need your support to continue to provide these programs to our students. We’ve also been discussing exciting plans for this year, such as having an artist-in-residence, if funding levels allow.
If your child has danced in the gym to “Monster Mash” or giggled with a friend during one of our movie nights, then please consider donating. If your child has been inspired by meeting a published author or watching a modern dance troupe, please consider donating to our Tree of Dreams campaign.

Some of our fondest elementary school memories are of social events and artist visits

You can donate online, right now. All you need is a credit card. Alternatively, you can download and complete a donation form and submit it along with a cheque to the box outside the school office. (Please make cheques payable to Trafalgar PAC.)
Thank you to everyone who’s already donated. By working together, we can create another year of wonderful memories for our children.