Deadline for Trafalgar PAC donations is Thursday, November 8th
We’re close to reaching 50% of our goal, but we’re not there yet!
If you walked behind our school even just three years ago, you might not recognize it today. What was once a barren gravel field is now a productive learning garden. Thanks in large part to PAC funding (and to the hard work of parent volunteers and students), we have a dozen raised container garden plots growing various fruits and vegetables, along with fruit trees, berry shrubs and ground cover, compost containers and even an outdoor classroom.
This new green space provides our children with wonderful opportunities for hands-on learning. In the past few years, with the generous support of the Rocky Mountain Flatbread’s Earth Bites program, we’ve brought in facilitators to work with students to grow their own produce in the winter, spring and summer months. Students also learn how to create healthy and delicious snacks from what they’ve grown.
So what to do with all of this produce (if students don’t eat them fresh from the ground)? Sell them! Students have been growing, preparing, bundling, pricing, marketing and selling their own goods. What an amazing way to foster their entrepreneurial spirits! Although all monies raised go back into the school garden, they’re not yet sufficient to offset all costs and future development.

Three years ago, school greening wasn’t even a line item on the PAC’s budget. But in recent years, it’s been a significant expenditure. Last year, the PAC contributed over $3,000 to greening education and the purchase of composters, soil and seeds. In previous years, it was many thousands more.
School greening activities are incredibly popular with students and teachers, with plans for expansion. The PAC has had requests to buy garden tools for student use as well as a storage shed. There have been exciting discussions about adding an aboriginal medicinal garden to our existing plot and providing classrooms with in-room composters.


Our school greening and pocket market programs cannot run without your generous support. If your child has tended his or her vegetables or taken pride in selling them, please consider donating to our Tree of Dreams campaign.
Last year, the PAC contributed over $3,000 to greening education and supplies. Donating takes only a few minutes. You can download and complete a donation form and submit it along with a cheque to the box outside the school office. (Please make cheques payable to Trafalgar PAC.) You can also donate online.
Thank you for supporting your school and students and bringing the classroom into the natural world.