Deadline for donations is this Thursday, November 8th

Literacy, research and problem solving are some of the most important skills a child can acquire. And school libraries play an important role in developing and fostering these skills. Our school consistently has the highest rate of books checked out per student in the district (almost twice the district average), which is a testament to how successful and important our library is.
Books aren’t cheap. French books, in particular, are very expensive. The VSB provides some funding for library purchases, but it’s not enough to maintain the school library at its current level.
Every year, the PAC contributes thousands of dollars to the school library for the purchase of new and replacement books. Last year alone, the PAC donated $5,000. Of the money the library receives, about 20-30% of it is needed to replace part of the existing collection. Books wear out – even with everyone’s best efforts to take care of them.


If you’ve ever struggled to find books that engage your child, you know how important it is to have a wide variety and depth of reading materials to choose from, with enough copies to go around. When your child develops a new interest in combustion engines or tsetse flies, you rely on the school library to have the books to satisfy and encourage his or her curiousity and research.
Keeping our school library stocked with new bestsellers and replacing well-loved classics depends on your support. If your child has used the school library to learn to read, to uncover new interests, to ask questions and find answers, to discover more about themselves and the world around them, please consider making a donation to our Tree of Dreams Campaign.

Last year alone, the PAC donated $5,000 for new and replacement books

To donate, simply download and complete a donation form and submit it along with a cheque to the box outside the school office. (Please make cheques payable to Trafalgar PAC.) You can also donate online via our website.
Thank you to everyone who’s donated so far! Our students, teachers and staff appreciate your support.