Deadline for Trafalgar PAC donations is Thursday, November 8th
Did you know that much of the sports equipment our children use at school is purchased by the PAC? That includes some PE class equipment and all of the sports equipment used during recess and lunch. In addition, much of the equipment used by our school sports teams is also PAC funded.
The Vancouver School Board supplies some sports equipment for PE classes. But lots of the “nice to have” gym equipment comes from the PAC. In recent years, we’ve purchased equipment such as sports balls, body balls, high jump mats and basketball hoops.
Last year, the PAC spent $2,900 on sports equipment, and the year before we spent $9,000! This year, we could easily spend the same amount as last year or more. The balls, rackets, skipping ropes, etc. our children play wear out quickly with such heavy use, and they need frequent replacing. PE classes run more smoothly when teachers and students have proper equipment, and enough of it, to go around.

Other possible expenditures this year include a Trafalgar banner, so teams can easily find each other during competitions. (Anyone who’s ever attended the Trout Lake cross country meet can attest to the difficulty of finding your team when hundreds of kids converge.) A tent canopy would also be a great addition, to keep our athletes warm and dry when competing outside. Also, we don’t have enough jerseys to go around, especially in larger sizes, and those we do have are looking dated and worn.
All of these sports equipment expenditures depend on support from parents like you. If your child enjoys PE class, has joined a Trafalgar sports team or makes use of the schoolyard sports equipment, please consider making a donation to our Tree of Dreams campaign.

Trafalgar sports team

Last year, the PAC spent $2,900 on sports equipment. The year before, we spent $9,000.

To donate, simply download and complete a donation form and submit it along with a cheque to the box outside the school office. (Please make cheques payable to Trafalgar PAC.) You can also donate online. Deadline for donations is Thursday, November 8th, so don’t wait! And thank you so much for supporting our school and our children.