A Reminder From the November 2012 Newsletter: Registration for September 2013

     Starting at 9 a.m. Nov. 1st 2012 and continuing until 3 p.m. Jan. 31st 2013 we will be taking in-catchment and current sibling registrations for both English and French Immersion for Sept. 2013. Vancouver schools be accepting cross-boundary applications from February 15 to March 1, 2013. Families who submit a cross-boundary application during this time will be informed of their child’s status by March 29, 2013. Details and timelines are on the VSB’s website www.vsb.bc.ca. Of particular importance:
•           Registration for French Immersion is NOT on a first-come, first served basis; there is no need to rush in. For English, we traditionally have more than enough space to accommodate all applications.
•           Parents with children who will still be here next year will benefit from sibling priority; we can register a younger sibling and immediately enter the data into our student records system.
•           New families who do not currently have a child here and who are seeking a place in French Immersion (K and new Gr. 1) may fill out our registration form but we will not enter the data here; you are recommended to go to the English/Home School in your catchment area to register as well, and it’s that school that will enter the data into BCeSIS. This is the only way to ensure your child will have a space next year.  Please note that it is not possible to enter data for the same student at two schools.
•           If there are more registrations than space for French Immersion, we will hold a draw in early February and a waitlist will be established. You may wish to indicate on the registration form an alternate F.I. school as we often have more applicants than space available. If current families neglect to register before January 31, the sibling’s registration would only be considered if the waitlist is exhausted.
•           Applications received after Jan. 31 will not be considered until all in-catchment students who submitted an application before Jan. 31st have been placed.
•           Once you are in the school (eg. in K this year), there is no need to register for Gr. 1.
•           All children born outside Canada and those for whom English is a 2nd language must first go to the District Placement & Reception Centre; see VSB website (under Registration) for details.
Before you come to register…
Along with the registration form filled out, please gather all of the following ORIGINAL documents and the office staff will make copy of them. Trafalgar School will not consider application with incomplete information and documents until all that is required is submitted and deemed legitimate. Paper copy of registration form can be obtained from any VSB schools. The fillable form is available from the VSBhomepage (pathway: Registration > General Registration > Student Application Form.
Ø  Your child’s birth certificate (showing parent’s name)
Ø  A recent Proof of residence document (i.e. property/tax assessment or rental agreement; and a recent utility: Hydro/phone bill)
Ø  Your child’s Care Card
Ø  Your child’s immunization records
Priority of consideration (1 = most;  5 = least)
1.         In catchment + sibling @ Traf (current & next year) + on time (before Jan. 31, 2013)
2.         In catchment + on time (before Jan. 31, 2013) + no sibling @ Traf
3.         In catchment + Late application (after Jan. 31, 2013) + sibling @ Traf
4.         In catchment + Late application (after Jan. 31, 2013) + no sibling @ Traf
5.         Out-of-catchment or Cross-Boundary:
Cross-boundary registration starts Feb 15, 2013 and runs through March 1, 2013
How to check your catchment area (for English & French Immersion)?
Have your postal code ready and visit the Vancouver School Board website www.vsb.bc.ca;
– Click on School at the top; click on “School location search by Postal code”;
– Click on “Continue on school locator tool”;
– Enter Street Name and/or Postal Code;
– Click on “Find your school”