Dark and rainy parking and stopping reminder

It’s that time of year when the rain starts coming down! We have noticed that people are starting to park instead of 3 minute drop off and pick up in all of the No Parking Zones in front of the school. Most importantly, please DO NOT park in No Stopping zones. Some were parked on the crosswalk last week and that is really unsafe for our students, especially in the rain when visibility is low. There have been parking enforcement officers on site several times in the last month handing out tickets. Some of our signs were damaged in the wind so you may now see less but that does not mean the school traffic rules have changed. Please keep Trafalgar students safe and park in the designated parking areas.  There are plenty!

Yearbook – consent forms – due Nov 22

For the first time, Traflagar’s Elementary School PAC has formed a Yearbook Committee. As a community building effort, the committee’s goal is to capture photographs of students and memorable school events throughout the year and incorporate these images into a yearbook.
Photographs are solely for the production of the yearbook. None of the images handled by the Yearbook Committee will be used or posted on school or district websites, district publications, e-newletters, posters, social media sites and/or videos for education related purposes.
Since the Vancouver School Board requires your consent to collect, keep, use and share photos, images and/or names of students to use on any school related publications, we are requesting your permission to have your child’s photos in the yearbook.
For parents/guardians who do not consent for their child to be in the yearbook, the Yearbook Committee will not include the child’s photograph and name in the yearbook. In instances where the child’s image is captured in group photos, the Yearbook Committee will take measures to either mask or blur the child’s image.
Any questions, concerns or comments, please send an email to the following address: Trafalgaryearbook2017@gmail.com.
Please complete, sign, and return to your classroom teacher by November 22, 2017.


Do you need gifts to take to holiday parties in December? Purdy’s chocolates and poinsettias make the perfect gifts! And you can order them from the comfort of your home, while supporting our Grade 7 French Immersion students’ trip to Quebec .

Need end-of-year gifts for teachers, baby-sitters or anyone else? Gift Cards make great gifts too, and our kids get a percentage of each sale.  Buy gift cards for places you regularly visit – money you will spend anyway. There are cards for several grocery retailers including MARKETPLACE IGA, STONGS AND LOBLAWS, other retailers like SPORTCHEK and LONDON DRUGS, and gas stations.  Even STARBUCKS.

Please support our kids’ Quebec Trip.


All details here.


TOOSCS Winter Program 2017

If you are looking for fun and relaxed ideas for your children to do during the Winter Break, TOOSCS (the daycare next door) have great activities planned to provide your children an opportunity to social with their friends in a warm, cozy environment. We have a mixture of field trips and on-site days and you can choose the days you want. Plan a playdate at the daycare and we will entertain the children for you! Please see the brochure and enrollment form for more details – TOOSCSWinter2017

Other dates and reminders

DPAC general meeting – Thursday Nov 23rd – details
First Lego League – volunteers needed – Dec 3rd – details
Santas Workshop – gifts and volunteers needed – Monday Dec 18th – details
After school programs – Winter registration –  SeaSmart_Winter 2018-Trafalgar-expanded and LEGO_Robotics_Poster_TES_Winter2018

Newsletter #6

In case you missed it – Newsletter #6
Kindergarten Registration
New Curriculum Implementation
Fentanyl Discussion Forum