URstrong reminder – Wednesday April 18th

Parents – if you need babysitting services during the workshops on Wednesday, please email Melissa Cheevers at melissacheevers@gmail.com. We NEED to know numbers in advance in order to make sure we have a proper ratio of kids to babysitters. If you do not send your request, we regret that we may not be able to accommodate you on the day.

Trafalgar circles – Friday April 20th

Trafalgar will be celebrating Earth Day this year through a school-wide Climate Change Champions assembly on Thursday, April 19 in the afternoon and Trafalgar Circles on Friday, April 20, whereby each circle will participate in an Earth Day collaborative art project. These activities reflect the UNESCO school network’s commitment to combatting climate change and fostering stewardship. We wish you and yours a lovely spring full of opportunities to enjoy nature.

Yearbook update

We want to take this opportunity to thank our yearbook coordinators, Dawn Jung-Doddington and Irazu Derby Lugo, for the countless hours they have spent organizing the yearbook so far this year. A huge thanks also to Stephanie Campbell, Grace Yoa, Judy Bao, Lisa Feng, and Jessie Chen for being part of this committee and working so hard for our students. The deadline for ordering was last Friday (though a little birdie told me it may still be open until tonight). That was the final deadline. These ladies and their team have been taking pictures at most events this year, have received pictures from teachers and have also been seen on playgrounds and school hallways capturing photos of our kids. They have checked and re-checked lists to make sure they have all students’ individual pictures so that, along with class photos, each student should be represented at least twice. Thank you if you sent in pictures from your own phone/camera for consideration. Please understand that some received photos may not have the correct resolution or are too big, too small, too many kids in the photo, etc so not all pictures can be included.  Some students have also specified that they do not want their picture taken when approached at the school. These volunteers are working hard to make sure they include as many kids as possible. You can imagine how much work this all is to capture hundreds of smiling faces!  I can’t wait to see the students’ faces when they receive their books!  What a special way to remember their days at Trafalgar.  Please give the team a big thanks when you see them in the hallway!

Fantasy baskets

Fantasy baskets are in the process of being planned by class parents. Your class parent will contact you this week. It is absolutely each family’s choice as to whether they would like to participate. This year, the funds will be used for technology. As you saw in our technology inventory, we have some replacements we need to make in the very near future. Also, this is something the students love and a bit of a Trafalgar tradition! Baskets will be displayed as of May 1st in the library and raffles tickets will be on sale both before and after school the week of May 7th (specific dates and times will be sent in the April 29th email blast).

Organizer needed – International Dinner

Please contact the PAC executive should you want to organize the International dinner! It would require planning the food, games, ticket sales, volunteers to assist, etc. It would be held in May. If you would like to include the announcements of the fantasy baskets winners at the event then it would have to be held the second week of May. The PAC executive, along with a wonderful group of volunteers, have taken on the Welcome Back and Year End party this year so we are looking to others to organize this event.


In case you missed it – the latest newsletter from the school is available here April 13th Newsletter