Day 1 Noon Hour program registration tomorrow at 7am. Day 1 classes available for registration are: Bricks4Kidz LEGO, Knitting for Grades 1-3 (Sessions #2 & #3), Jurassic Jr, Dolphin KIDS – Social Fun and Games for Grades 1 & 2, Chess Club, and Sportball – Multi-Sport.
All others will be available for registration on Tuesday, December 5th on Day 2. Should you need assistance, please email
Open forum talk on technology this Tuesday, December 5th at 7pm.
This will be a very important meeting! In the last few months, the PAC has been looking into replacing the computers in the lab. They are over 10 years old and simply don’t really function well anymore. Teachers and students experience frustration with them frequently (they take 20 minutes to turn on!) and this results in them not really being used by many. We met with Mme. Lavoie and Audrey Van Alstyne, the District Principal for Information Technology for the VSB, last Friday and it was quite eye-opening. Audrey works with schools to plan for learning supported by technology with a focus on critical thinking and collaboration. She was very helpful and the talk was informative. Unfortunately, we learned that there is no planned funding for technology coming our way as a West Side school in the near (and even far) future. The responsibility is 100% on the PAC. We also learned that we are one of the schools with the lowest ratios for students:technology, including the schools in lower income areas on the East side.
So Trafalgar parents, we need to talk! The PAC executive will come to the meeting armed with information from the teachers as to what they use, how they use technology, what problems they face daily with technology, how often they use (or want to use) technology, etc. We will use the information we gather at this meeting to create a short and long term plan for technology for Trafalgar. Some of the implementations may happen as early as 2018.
If you have an opinion on technology and its use in our school, please ensure you join us! Many decisions are made every month at our PAC meetings by a small group of parents. We believe this decision needs to involve more than a small group so the short and long term technology plan represents the opinions and values of our greater community. Attendance will be especially important for current Grade 5 and 6 parents as a Bring Your Own Device possibility for the 2018/19 school year will be a topic of discussion.
Babysitting will be available.