The current proposal for the VSB’s 2013/2014 budget contains big cuts for the staff that support libraries.
They propose cutting the systems librarian position, which supports the circulation system, webcat, the databases, and helps all the teacher-librarians learn the technical side of using them. They also propose cutting a cataloguer (from three to two) and one of two media clerks, who circulate the DVD, video, and kits of various kinds of materials to the schools.
They’re looking to close down the media circulation entirely and replace it with streaming video, hoping we’ll eventually get enough bandwidth to support it. A couple of years ago, they cut the teacher-librarian consultant position to a half-time mentor position. This is the person who helps both new and experienced teacher-librarians learn to teach the new technologies to staff and students, among many other things.
Friends of the School Library (FOSL) made a presentation to the VSB board last Wednesday and will again this Wednesday.
FOSL’s basic requests are that the VSB:

  • Institute a basic minimum staffing at a reasonable level, based on school population
  • Ensure equity in computer hardware in school libraries.
  • Restore the professional support necessary to school library programs– the full-time library consultant
  • Restore the technical support necessary to school library programs – the systems librarian, and the cataloguer
  • Keep the DVD and VHS collection since the resources have been selected for curriculum fit and Canadian content

FOSL is requesting that we all please email the trustees and ask them to stop the decline in school library service to students. Just write a few lines using some of the information given here. It doesn’t have to be long or detailed.
You will find email addresses for the trustees at:
Thank you for supporting our school library!