A PAC newsletter on a Friday morning?  I know weird, right?

This is an extra little newsletter about just 2 things – the Direct Appeal and Teacher Wishlists.  A longer newsletter will arrive in your inbox on Sunday night to lull you to sleep.

Best of luck to all our Terry Fox runners this morning!

Direct Appeal

We’re so happy to report that in just one week we have raised over $9,000! That’s over a third of our goal to hit $25,000. Thank you so much to the 59 families who have donated so far. With average donations of $160, we are off to an amazing start! Your support is very much appreciated and benefits all the students throughout the year.

This is a good moment to remind those who’ve not yet donated to please click on this link to get going. You’ll find all the Direct Appeal information here. We’ve had positive feedback that’s it’s quick and easy and as our deadline approaches we really hope all families will feel able to donate something, no matter what size.

Teacher Wishlist

Parents, do you have any of these gently-used items at home that you can donate to teachers in order to help their students learn?  If so, please drop them in the bins at the entrance to the school to be sorted and distributed, or donate to the teacher directly!

This campaign is only 1 week long – we’ll be collecting items until Friday, 4th October so please bring these items in soon if you have them.  

The most sought-after items are books, lighting, storage containers and seating options.  

MME. DEMA – Division19

  1. Wooden blocks
  2. Letters and numbers (magnetic, wooden, scrabble pieces, plastic) 
  3. Puzzles

MARGO JACOBSON – Division 18

  1. Large rug puzzles (7)
  2. Educational magnetic pyramid blocks (2 sets)

MARC GURUMETA – Division 17

  1. Woven/ wooden baskets of all sizes and shapes
  2. Plants
  3. Wooden blocks and toys appropriate for Kindergarten
  4. Dry-erase markers

LIANNE NOSYK – Division: 16

  1. Playmobile
  2. Trinkets for a prize box

JOEL FLEMMING – Division: 15

  1. Lego
  2. Toys
  3. Pillows/cushions
  4. Books (grade 2)
  5. Area rug
  6. Blocks
  7. Electric pencil sharpener

FRANCE SOUCY – Division: 13

  1. Magnetic letters or Scrabble letters
  2. Puzzles
  3. Games
  4. Wooden blocks
  5. Placemats for lunch
  6. Buttons, keys, and other small objects for sorting and making patterns with


  1. Blender (preferably glass)
  2. 22 plastic IKEA cups/drinking glasses
  3. 4-drawer plastic storage unit


  1. Portable chess games
  2. Connect-4 board game


  1. Lamps
  2. Gently-used puzzles or board games
  3. Healthy plants (small)
  4. 2 Blackout curtain panels
  5. Small whiteboards (lap sized)
  6. Lego


  1. Area rug for reading area
  2. Lamps and white Christmas lights
  3. French books
  4. Different types of chairs for flexible seating

LAURE LARPENT – Division: 6

  1. Plastic boxes with their lids to store books and magazines
  2. Large pastic box with its lid to store pillows
  3. Pillows/cushions to be comfy when sitting on mats or doing brething exercises
  4. Lamps (diffused light, not intense – more like from a bedside table lamp)

ASHLEY HOUSE – Division: 5

  1. Mini White Boards
  2. Big Yoga Balls to sit on
  3. Yoga Mats

VIVIAN CAI – Division: 4

  1. Intermediate books: novels, non-fiction, sci-fi
  2. Board Games
  3. Lamps
  4. Bean Bag Chairs (or similar)
  5. Indoor Plants

GRACE SE – Division: 3

  1. French and English books (grade 7 level)
  2. English to French dictionary
  3. Plants and greenery
  4. Lamps (floor & table)
  5. Board games
  6. Organizational units and boxes
  7. Area rug


  1. Board games (in French, if available)
  2. Books (French and English, grade 6/7)
  3. Table & floor lamps
  4. Plants
  5. Organizational boxes
  6. Cardboard boxes

A very big thank you in advance from our Trafalgar teachers for any and all contributions!

Thats if for now, have a great weekend everyone.
Trafalgar PAC