Hi everyone,

It was time to upgrade our website to the next level and so the Trafalgar PAC is proud to invite you to check out our new site.

The emphasis here is on community. We wanted to provide an online space for all members of Trafalgar’s community to connect with each other online.

At the top is the main navigation bar:

  • Trafalgar PAC – click this to go back to the home page
  • Welcome – a discussion board for people joining to say hello
  • COVID-19 – our most recent updates regarding what’s happening
  • Groups – the main list of different sections of activity
  • Forums – areas of chat
  • Contact – a way to reach the PAC

On the left is a list of icons that take you around your own sections of the site (if you are logged in):

  • Activity Feed – latest activity all over the site
  • Groups – the groups you belong to
  • Forums – chats you’re involved with
  • Messages – direct communications
  • Connections – your link to other parents you’re connected to
  • Photos

If you click on your name in the top right, you can also get to your own sections and see all the available actions you can take.

One good way to start would be to have a look at the Groups and join the ones you’re interested in hearing about or being involved in.

Division Groups – these are non-public and you’ll need to be invited into your child’s division group by your class parent or moderator. This will be happening soon.

Feel free to explore these areas and please feel free to join some groups, add to discussions and contribute.