Trafalgar is a school full of treasures; every class has at least 20 -30 of them, in the form of students!
The Trafalgar PAC (Parent Advisory Council) works hard to add value and more treasure to the school to enrich your child(ren)’s education. Through purchasing supplies, providing sports equipment, supporting cultural performances and recreational initiatives, contributing books, cultivating greener outdoor spaces, enhancing technology, preparing for new playgrounds (to occur in 2015), and so
many other endeavours, the PAC contributes an average of $35,000 in treasures every year to the school. This is only possible with your help and your generosity.
Please contribute to our School of Treasures through the 2013 Trafalgar PAC (Parent Advisory Council) Direct Donation Campaign. The School of Treasures Campaign will run from October 7 – November 1, 2013.
While any amount is deeply valued, consider that we are striving to reach a $20,000 target. Raising this amount will ensure that all of the basic budgetary demands for the year are met. If we are able to raise more than this, we can initiate and/or support additional special projects! We depend on all families to help as possible; every donation makes a big difference to our School of Treasures.
How? Please click here to retrieve the direct donation form. Complete in full and return it with your cheque:
– to the box outside the school office
– in your child(ren)’s agenda in the attached envelope
With many thanks from everyone who benefits from your contribution to our School of Treasures!
Deadline for donations is November 1, 2013


Trafalgar學校是一個充滿寶藏的學校,每班至少有20-30 個學生寶貝!
Trafalgar家長諮詢委員會(PAC)為豐富孩子們的教育來努力。 通過購買用品,體育器材,支持文化表演和休閒活動,貢獻書籍,培養綠色戶外空間,提高技術,準備新的遊樂場(在2015年),和許多其他的努力,委員會每年平均貢獻 $35,000到學校。
請各位家長踴躍捐款給Trafalgar家長諮詢委員會(PAC).  “充滿寶藏的學校”
籌款活動將於 October 7 ~ November 1, 2013 之內舉行.
請各位家長踴躍捐款幫助委員會實現今年的籌款目標 $20,000元。實現今年的籌款目標將確保達到所有本年度的基本預算。

  • 請將信封放於孩子的agenda內或
  • 把它直接放於辦公室委員會捐款箱內

給Trafalgar委員會 – 我想捐款支持我的孩子()和Trafalgar學校
孩子的名字_______________________ 年級&Division#______
歡迎所有捐款 $100 ___ $150 ___ $250___ $500 ___ $750_____Other ____
[支票抬頭”Trafalgar PAC” ]
稅票必要? 需要_____  不需要_____
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