Last year, Trafalgar’s basketball coaches and gym teachers asked the PAC for help. Our school gym had only a small number of basketball hoops; as a result, children were spending more time waiting than participating in basketball practice and gym class. The PAC agreed to buy and install new basketball hoops for the school gym.
Now, our basketball coaches and gym teachers have the equipment to keep all of our future basketball players involved and active. Students spend less time waiting and more time developing their skills and having fun.
Help us continue to support your children and their school experience.¬†Donate to the PAC’s fundraising drive! In addition to basketball hoops, your donations have been used to purchase computers and library books, fund school greening initiatives and bring in performing arts and educational programs.
The PAC has distributed donation forms through student school agendas. Additional forms are available outside the school office. Please submit your cheque and donation to the box outside the school office by Monday, October 31st. Thank you for your support, and thank you for helping make our school an even better place!