Our call for help has been heard!
We are very thankful that the wonderful Christian Malcolm is taking on the End of Year slide show!
Parents, now it’s your turn. We need you parents to send in photos of your children participating in school activities and events. This also includes field trips off site. The only way to guarantee that your child’s smiling face will be part of this show is if you send in photos! The deadline is June 22 so if you look in your phone and realize you don’t have any, take one in the next couple of weeks. On the playground, in their classroom, at the Talent Show, etc. If you can’t make it to school, ask a friend to take a picture for you. The students get such a thrill out of seeing themselves on the screen on the last day of school. Let’s give him lots of pictures to work with!
Christian has made it super easy by setting up several ways for us to send in our photos. See links and attachments below.
To submit over the web with a computer or phone: https://trafalgarpac.ca/photos

To submit by email: