On this week:
Coffee Morning
Skip your morning java and head to the Activity Room at 9am on Monday, May 4th for some coffee, nibbles and socializing!  Everyone welcome!
PAC Meeting – Mandarin edition
We are happy to introduce a quarterly PAC meeting delivered in Mandarin to keep everyone informed with the goings-on at school.  This meeting will follow the Coffee Morning on May 4th and will begin at 10am.
Earthquake Drill
Thursday, May 3 is our annual BigOne@2:00 earthquake drill. We invite up to 20 interested parents/guardians to come to school at 2:30 pm to participate in a mock student-parent Emergency Reunification. Interested parents are asked to RSVP with the School Office if you wish to participate or e-mail Mme Lavoie at jlavoie@vsb.bc.ca There is a Student Reunification Information form to fill out. Those who agree to participate will:
– Arrive at 2:30 pm and participate until 3:00 pm on May 3.
– Bring a piece of picture identification with you.
– Expect chaos. This is a practice!
– And if you drive, please do not block the roadway. You must follow the posted parking regulations.
Fantasy Baskets
This week, Spring Fantasy Baskets will be on display in the library… themes this year include Wine, Mothers Day, Beach, LEGO, Books and Money Tree, among others.  Raffle tickets can be purchased starting May 7th – keep your ears peeled for more info next week.  All funds raised will go towards purchasing new technology to replace the ailing items we have in the library and computer room
VSB Budget process
The VSB has adopted a new budget process that includes surveying parents for feedback.  A preliminary draft budget has already been shared at a VSB meeting earlier this month.  Concerns have been raised that the budget reduces the number of non-enrolling teachers at the VSB, meaning less librarians and counsellors across the district.  More information from the VSB is available here.  The note about reduction of non-enrolling staff is on page 15 of this report.  Please let the VSB know about your budget priorities.
Coming up Next Week:
PAC Meeting
Please come to our monthly PAC meeting, Tuesday, May 8th at 7pm in the Library.  This meeting is more fun than you would ever expect to have in the basement of the school.  But in all honesty, please do come and voice your opinions on how the PAC should spend their money.  All parents welcome.
Quebec Students Arrive
As part of our Grade 7 Quebec Exchange, you will be noticing a few new faces around the school for the week, starting May 9th.  Please make sure these grade 7 students from Quebec feel welcome by giving them a friendly Trafalgar Smile and saying Bonjour!
Upcoming Dates to Note:
Thursday, May 17: Sports Day – Early Dismissal at 2:00 pm
Friday, May 18: No School – School not in session district wide
Monday, May 21: Victoria Day – No School
Tuesday, May 22: Professional Development Day – No school for students