Through your generous contributions last year, Trafalgar PAC was able to purchase books and resources for the school library, provide sports equipment for classrooms and the gym, bring in artistic and cultural performances and cultivate greener outdoor spaces, to name just a few.
PAC is asking for your support to raise funds for items that fall outside of provided budgets. This year that includes raising money to replace the large wooden playground at our school. The Vancouver School Board has identified that it must be replaced for health and safety reasons and so it will be taken down this December.
While any amount is appreciated, we are striving to raise $70 per student for programs and resources and another $180 per student for the new playground; a combined $250 per student. We depend on all families to help as much as possible. As a school community of students, teachers, parents and administrators, we all benefit when our children have opportunities to learn and time for play.
Help us reach our goal of raising $100,000 between October 2 -30, 2015. A donation of $250 per child will build a new playground structure for our children and provide much loved programs and resources! If you have already donated to the playground, thank you for your generosity. If you haven’t yet donated, please do so before the end of this month.
The PAC limits requests for donations from families once a year through this annual campaign and won’t send you repeated fundraising requests.
Click here to download the donation form.
Thank you.