Traffic and Safety/Parking regulations

The Trafalgar parent community, School staff and Administrators, and Community police work hard every year to enforce school parking regulations. We are committed to keep our students safe as they travel to and from our school. Despite our new signs and many emails reminders throughout the year, we still have many parents parking in No Stopping and No Parking areas. This puts Trafalgar students in harms way and we ask once again that parents respect posted parking rules in front and on the sides of our school.

In order to further educate our parent community, please read the City of Vancouver’s school zones regulations below:

No Parking

Effective from 8:00am to 5:00pm on school days
For use by motorists dropping off and picking up students
Limit of 5 minutes

No Stopping

Effective from 8:00am to 5:00pm on school days
Zone must be clear of vehicles at all times. You may not park or idle for any amount of time.
Vehicles parked in No Parking and No Stopping zones in a school area can be ticketed and towed.

Vehicles blocking pedestrians and motorists in school zones, and elsewhere, will be ticketed under Street and Traffic Bylaw 2849 as follows:

Sections 17.5 (b) and (c): Parked or stopped too close to a corner
Sections 17.4 (a) and (b): Stopped on, or within 6 m of a crosswalk
Section 18.1 (b): Parked in the wrong direction
Section 18.1 (c): Double parked


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