Tech, COVID and Kids – a presentation by Shimi Kang

On 9 March at 7pm, multiple elementary school PACs will be hosting a presentation by Shimi Kang.

Everything you need to participate in this event will be on the webpage you are currently on –

No tickets, registration or special links are needed, just come back to this page on 9th of March.

On average, teenagers are checking their phone over 150 times/day and spending about 7 hours/day on screens, unrelated to school and homework – and this was before the pandemic. These rates skyrocketed during the lockdown and now children, teens, and adults all need to rely on screens more than ever before. Given technology’s links to problems like anxiety, addiction, and cyberbullying; parents & teachers must now reset children’s tech habits towards learning, connection, self-care & adaptability.

Join psychiatrist, best-selling author, and mom of three, Dr. Shimi Kang MD for an interactive webinar where you will learn:

  • How technology is impacting children’s brain, body, and behavior
  • How to differentiate between healthy, stressful, & addictive tech experiences.
  • How to reset children’s tech habits for a successful school year
  • Guidelines on how to maintain healthy tech habits in your school/ home during the pandemic & beyond including free downloadable reset resources.

*This 1 hour interactive webinar will be divided into three 15 min sections with Q&A for each part. Dr. Kang will end with an open 15 min Q&A conversation.

About Dr. Shimi Kang

An award-winning Harvard trained medical doctor, researcher, and expert on the neuroscience of innovation, leadership, and motivation, Dr. Shimi Kang provides science-based solutions for health, happiness, and achievement in the workplace, classroom, and at home. With 20 years of clinical experience and extensive research in the science that lies behind optimizing human intelligence, Dr. Kang provides practical tools to cultivate the key 21st century skills of resilience, connection, creativity, and more.

She is the author of the #1 bestseller The Dolphin Parent and newly released book, The Tech Solution, She is a Clinical Associate Professor at UBC, the founder of Dolphin Kids: Future-Ready Leaders, CEO of Spark Mindset App, and host of the YouTube show, Mental Wealth with Dr. Shimi Kang.

Testimonial from North Carolina Association of Independent Schools

“During the pandemic, our educational organization wanted to offer our member schools virtual professional development that was not only timely during the current circumstances, but relevant going forward. Dr. Shimi Kang facilitated a webinar for our educators and school administrators that hit the nail on the head. Her talk incorporated neuroscience, social- emotional learning, and words of wisdom that encouraged and inspired our participants. Despite the virtual delivery, Dr. Kang was interactive, warm, and engaging. We participated in live polls, asked questions, and felt like we were in this together, despite the distance. Many presenters struggle to make the leap from in-person delivery to virtual, but Dr. Kang left us all feeling like we had spent an hour learning from a new (wiser) friend. The content was relatable, and we had real strategies to implement in our lives inside the classroom and beyond. Dr. Shimi Kang is an outstanding presenter with a deep well of knowledge that she shares with ease. I am looking forward to inviting her back again in the future!”