We promise the emails and announcements will slow down, but the start of the year is a busy time and there’s lots going on.  We’ve had questions about these events and programs.

Welcome Back Social

The Welcome Back Social is a week away and it is time to order your grub! We will be serving a couple of kinds of Rocky Mountain pizza, including a gluten-free option. There will also be a complimentary delicious treat for the students. In order to ensure we have enough pizza for all, we ask that you order enough slices for your family on our hot lunch website at munchalunch.com. Ordering will close on at 7am on Wednesday, September 19th. We will be handing our pizza from 5:30pm-7pm at the party. We look forward to seeing you all there and sharing a pie with you!

After-School Programs

After-school programs are a fun and convenient way for our students to attend classes typically held in the community. These classes are held at our school so students can take themselves directly there after class.
Programs include Lego Robotics, Dolphin Kids, Lego animation, choir, Minecraft Python programming, Young Rembrandts drawing and Lights up musical theatre.  Sessions start later this month — read more and register now!

Noon Hour Programs

Once again, Trafalgar will be offering a variety of interesting and fun Noon Hour Programs. These programs are a great chance for children to have fun and enjoy extracurricular activities with their school friends, as well as a wonderful way to meet new friends!  read more about noon hour programs and signup