Forgot to buy your child a yearbook?? It’s not too late!!  It’s your lucky day! The yearbook committee has a few extra and will be auctioning them off. There were many methods tossed around in order to ensure that these yearbooks got sold in a fair manner. In order to ensure that all parents have the same access to these books, they have decided on the following:
What: approximately 10 yearbooks will be up for auction (the final number will be determined after the last yearbook has been distributed)
Who: Parents only. Students may NOT send or write bids.
How: Parents can send their bids to any time after this email is received to try and get one of the 5 advance copies. Online bids end at 3pm Wednesday and payment must be received before 3:30pm if the “Buy It Now” price has been reached. If the “Buy it Now” price has not been reached, those bids continue to be active at the party until 5:30pm. Bids will be taken in order of time recieved.
Parents can write their bids on the silent auction sheets at the Year End party for one of the remaining books plus any that did not reach the “Buy it now” bid from the online offering.
How much: $35 is the starting bid for all yearbooks. We will see how high it goes! There is a Buy It Now price of $50. Take advantage of this and you won’t have to wait around and risk being outbid!
When/Where: See above. By email or at the Year End party Yearbook table. Bids will be closed at 5:30pm sharp.
Payment: The winning bids will have to pay immediately to get their book. Being the second to last day of school, there is no time for distribution/payment at a later date. You can pay cash, by cheque (to Trafalgar PAC), or by email transfer to Should the payment not be received by 9am on Thursday, June 28th, the bid will be nullified and the next bid on the list wil be contacted. Additional profits will go to the Trafalgar PAC for programming and resources.
Please note: If you would like to use the “Buy It Now” option at the Year End party, please text the number on the sheet and someone will come meet you at the table for payment/distribution.