The Lunar New Year Gala is this Friday, March 2nd and it promises to be lots of fun!! Exciting performances and games and delicious food – a great time for both you and your kids! A wonderful group of parents have poured hours into planning this wonderful event. Purchase your tickets in the lobby before or after school this week or on our hot lunch website
There is just so much planned, see the full program and details here
Some highlights:

The Queen of the Masks – She is a well-known Sichuan Opera actress, first performance ever in an elementary school.  She will play the amazing “changing masks“.  A sampling of traditional opera masks at the right.  For almost all kids and parents (even those from China) this will be a first to see her perform live
Lion Dance:  Vancouver Shaolin Kungfu Association will perform the lion dance again in our school.   This time, they will start from the main hall entrance at 6:45 to paint the eyes of the lion(a symbol to waken the lion).  Then the lion will wait in the gym from 6:50-7:00 for kids to take pictures with.  Finally it will dance on the stage for 6-8 minutes.
Costume Show “The Monkey King” – Mr. Kabele will act the monkey king, Mme Lavoie will act the goddess, Mr Rupert will act the master monk, Mr. Marc Gurumeta will act the black monk and Mr. Fleming will act the fat monk.  Six parents will act the evil spirits.   This story of the Monkey King, also known as “the journey to the west”, is the most popular novel in China for 300 years.
Food available for purchase: Sushi, Spring roll, Pop corn, Rice burger, barbecue bun & water

This is an amazing lineup put on by your school community!  see you there!