More information on this year’s yearbook coming soon.
For 2019/20, we are going to have another fantastic yearbook with fresh ideas as we have new members added to our committee this year. Please do your part by contributing photos (more on that soon) to make it as inclusive and representative as possible as we cannot be at every event or function.
Some teachers do send in photos, but this is a PAC initiative and not a school run book so we cannot depend on them to send photos to us on top of their many other duties!
Any questions can be directed to:

Grade 7 student volunteers needed! We are in need of some grade 7 students from both the English and French streams to help with the grade 7 portion of the book- taking photos on field trips, collecting baby photos, doing surveys and getting write ups. If you would like to volunteer please contact Thanks for helping to make this year’s yearbook the best one yet!