The yearbooks are in and they look AMAZING! Once again, a huge thanks to the yearbook committee. Your hard work has certainly paid off. The students are going to be so excited when they see them!
A message about distribution-
Two divisions have already received their yearbooks. The school does not wish to distribute the rest of the yearbooks in-class to avoid disappointment for those students who did not order a yearbook.
Please note: there are no yearbooks to purchase at these times. Should there be a few extra after distribution, they will be available via silent auction at the Year End party on Wednesday, June 27th. More information to come later.
Distribution will go as follows:
Intermediates- Grades 4-7
Intermediates parents may come collect their child(ren)’s yearbooks between 2:30-3:15pm today. Highly suggested to pick up early if you are at the school because it will be very busy at 3pm. Intermediate students can pick up their yearbooks after 3pm (not earlier). Each student/parent MUST sign for their book.
Another parent may sign and pick up your order for you if you cannot collect your yearbook.
Primaries- Grades K-3
Primary distribution will be on Monday, June 25th from 2:30-3:15pm. Primary students may not pick up their yearbooks by themselves. They must be accompanied by a parent who can sign to indicate they have received their yearbook. This rule has been put into place to ensure these beautiful yearbooks make it home.
Again, another parent may sign and pick up your order for you if you cannot collect your yearbook.
Further instructions will be provided on Sunday night in the PAC email blast for those primary parents who are not able to pick up their child’s yearbook on Monday.
Primary parents- PLEASE NOTE!
You may pick up tomorrow (Friday) if the following applies to you:
1Today is your child’s last day of school for the year
2. You are already collecting your intermediate child’s yearbook
3. You know you will not be available for pick up on Monday, June 25th
It will likely be very busy during these distribution times. Thank you for your patience in advance.
Should you go for pick up and your name not be on the list, we ask that you leave your information for the yearbook committee to look into the next day. They will not be able to do so during the distribution times as it will be too busy.