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Junior Choir (K-3) will rehearse once a week on Tuesdays from 3 – 4pm, starting September 27. The Senior Choir will have rehearsals every Thursday from 3 – 4 pm, starting September 29. The conductor, Ms. Catherine Crampoline, has been leading Trafalgar Choir for many years pre pandemic and we are lucky to have her back!

The cost is $12 per session and there will be 11 sessions in the Fall semester (September – December).

This extracurricular choral music program is led by the DPAC Music Working Group. For more information and registration go to or contact Trafalgar coordinator, Katerina Tokmak, at

少年合唱团(K-3)将从9月27日开始,每周二下午3-4点排练一次。从9月29日开始,高级合唱团将于每周四下午3-4点进行排练。指挥家Ms Catherine Crampoline多年来一直领导我们学校的合唱团,我们很幸运,她又回来了!每学期费用为12加币,秋季学期(9-12月)将有11次课程。这个课外合唱音乐项目是由DPAC音乐工作小组领导的。欲了解更多信息和注册,请访问。组织/音乐或联系学校协调员 Katerina Tokmak,她的邮箱是

Registration will be open on Thursday, September 15 at 8:00am

Welcome to a New School Year!

Dear Trafalgar Families, 

It is that time of year again! To our returning families, we can’t wait to see you and hear all about your summer adventures.  To our new families, we extend a very warm welcome, we are confident that you will find our school a fun, inclusive and energetic space to grow and learn.  

For now, we would like to share with you some important information about the first day back to school and what to expect within the first week.  

Next Tuesday, September 6th, all Trafalgar students will need to be prepared to attend school from 8:55am to 10 am. Please carefully follow the guidelines below:  

  • Parents, please keep child(ren) at home if they are sick and call the school safe arrival line 604-713-5179 extension #86.  Please note we have a new Office Administrative Assistant, her name is Justine Doiron
  • Masks continue to be optional; social distance at your own discretion and please let your teachers know. We are a caring community that respects personal boundaries.  
  • In the morning, all students are asked to line up outside the designated doors until a teacher picks them up. Please refer to attached map for the different entrances that are highlighted.  All students grades 1 to 7, please go to your last year’s classroom teacher. The following teachers and rooms have changed: 
    • Ms. Schoen’s students, please go to Ms. Wallace (Room 112) 
    • Ms. Goodison’s students, please go to Ms. Dunfield (Room 113) 
    • Mme Asad’s students please line up outside Room 103 
    • Mr. Fleming has moved to Room 104 
    • Ms. Nosyk has moved to Room 105 
    • New Late French Immersion grade 6, please go to the gym using the main entrance.  
    • All newcomers, please come through the main entrance and go to the gym.  
    • All new Kindergarten students, please follow the separate email for specific instructions 

Beginning Wednesday, September 7th regular school hours will resume beginning at 9 am to 3:03pm daily. Please bring a bagged lunch, healthy snack and a water bottle for those days. Kindergarten students, you have already received a separate letter outlining the gradual entry schedule. Please note this schedule is only for Kindergarten and not siblings in grades 1 and up.  

Once we get our school numbers organized, we will send you more information about the transition to your child(ren)’s new classroom(s). Please watch out for that email later next week. 

In addition to emails from the office, you can also access school information and updates via your PAC newsletters. Please sign up for your newsletters through the website

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact the school.  


D. Belanger and H. Pham-Fraser, 

Trafalgar Admin Team